Thursday Sept 22, 2022

Hi all,

New fabrics continue to roll into the store, we're creating new quilts, cutting kits, making room for the new by marking down the old, and well, lots of things are just going on all the time! Whew!

Everyone loves a rainbow - including Kaye England. We are so happy to present Kaye’s Rainbow Sampler collection in a beautiful new quilt.

The 93” square sampler-style queen quilt features a marvelous rainbow array of slightly dusty tonal & semi-tonal colors contrasted with white, grays, & black.

Click here for the QUILT KIT info.

Click here for the fabrics.

This would be the perfect time to start your CHARLOTTE'S SHOPPER'S CLUB membership!
The savings on this kit alone more than pays for the membership plus you'll save 20% off all regularly priced merchandise for the next 365 days!


I know summer is passing along, but I still am happy to see these new WATER LILY MAGIC fabrics from WILMINGTON. The yellow is so full of sunshine and the watery blue, calm & refreshing.

I know I will love working on this quilt in the dead of winter and it will warm me twice!

Click here for WATER LILY MAGIC.

As more modern wind turbines pop up, there seems to be renewed nostalgia for the VINTAGE WINDMILLS.

Check out this perfect SCARLET FARM WINDMILL print from Studio E!

And, as long as I've lived in Kansas, I had no idea that the wheat has "ears"!

Check out the WHITE ON WHITE WHEAT EARS print. Great background fabric!

Wouldn't this make a fun novelty PILLOWCASE?!

Frida Kahlo is an icon of MEXICAN CULTURE. I love this print - Frida with marigolds & skull faces, representing DAY OF THE DEAD, honoring our ancestors.

While there are several ways to celebrate Día de Muertos depending on the region, some of the most common traditions include placing an offering with a loved one’s photo, as well as pan de muerto, sugar skulls and marigold flowers.

Click here for more DAY OF THE DEAD and Mexican culture Folklorica fabrics from ALEXANDER HENRY.

And these are just SUPER CUTE! A Nativity set that is meant to be played with! ;)

Check out this printed PANEL, with simple to sew instructions. Including a STABLE to store/carry them in!

CLICK HERE for JOYFUL, JOYFUL by Stacy Iest Hsu for MODA.


Two reminders:
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2. HYATT SEWING RETREAT- sign up now for either January, February or both!

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Have a great rest of your week.

Hope to see you soon,

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