Friday September 10, 2021

Hi all!

I've spent the last week and a half finishing up some quilts. That means getting them quilted and bound. Whew!

I really like my binding, cut on the bias, to be finished by hand. I sew it to the front of the quilt by machine, wrap it over the edge, and (try to) sew invisibly to the back side. I like it nice and tight too.
My favorite needle for doing this hand-sewing is an Embroidery Size 7 from Scarlet Today. A larger eye makes it easier to thread, and the needle is long enough to hold, yet not too thick, so it is not difficult to pull through the fabric. Needles can be so tricky! These come packaged in a handy little matchbook style package.

However, sometimes, the design or the sheer size of the quilt, calls for something more.

Our Central Kansas Quilt Shop Hop is coming up in just a few weeks, and my quilt is now done! I felt that the design would benefit by a touch of accent at the edge, which is what the "flange" on a binding will add. Plus, it can be stitched down neatly by machine! A time-saver!

I've got a video posted on YouTube that shows how I made and applied the FLANGE BINDING for this quilt. Click here to see.

Is B-I-A-S a four letter word that you avoid? Click here to see all of my short VIDEOS on BIAS BINDING. You'll see my simple method for cutting BIAS BINDING, and then stitching it all together.

We love the simple VILLA ROSA post card patterns.

Here's one we did featuring a BIG PRINT from ALEXANDER HENRY, with a Mexican flare & FRIDA KAHLO inspiration. We also used some KAFFE FASSET and tied it all together with a SOLID COLORED COTTON. PACIFIC GROVE was the perfect pattern.

Mindy sewed it, Rita quilted it, I bound it, and Hal is testing it! LOL It does look good on my patio!

The project above was a challenge to use the large print, cutting it up, while still featuring it.

We have so many PANELS that are such great artwork, but sometimes, you just have to cut them up too!

The next project was inspired by a scenic photo Lily & I saw online, and we just started pulling fabrics in the same colors. We have A LOT to choose from!

We were searching and searching for the perfect "last one", when we stumbled across a panel with exactly the right colors.

GENEVA is a pattern which calls for FAT QUARTERS. An average panel is more like 2 fat quarters, and that's what we used it as.

We also made the quilt another column wider than shown, since the panel was like 2 fat quarters, and we now had enough. Wider is even better for sharing on a couch. ;) Speaking of "sharing", Lily & I made it together, now we just have to decide whose house it is going to end up in. LOL

Above: I'm auditioning fabrics for the back. I chose the light background print on the right. But I loved the look of the darker print at the top as well!

Both those large prints are from the Australian ABORIGINAL PRINTS group. We just restocked with new and popular designs! Check them out here!

I also just love a quilt where the same fabric plays both the part of a "dark" and the part of a "light". See how we did that with the PANEL!

Kirsten's also been playing with lights & darks. Again, many of the fabrics playing different roles, depending on what they are next to. Keeps it interesting! She used a large collection of KAFFE COLLECTIVE fabrics.

Check out her EXPLODING HEART!

Our next QUILT BLOCK SAMPLER CLASS starts next week, September 16th.

HIDDEN STARS will be the pattern, and can be done in ANY FABRIC OF YOUR CHOICE.

We have suggestions, of course, and are happy to work with you to pull them all at once, or you can pull them "bit by bit" as the class progresses.

Or maybe you want to do something with a lot less PATTERN and fewer COLORS, like the new line DANCE AT DUSK. We'll help you get it any way you like!

This class is a lecture/demo, and it can be fun to see what other students have done and shown, then pick up more fat quarters for your next block, using theirs as inspiration. Don't worry, we'll make sure you finish your quilt and there is always plenty to choose from!

This is fun and there's a reason people sign up for this class year after year! Join us this time! Fine for a confident beginner. We'll make sure you progress to "experienced" by the end of the year. ;)

For more DETAILS, or to SIGN UP FOR CLASS, click here, or stop in the store, or pick up the phone. 316-284-2547

If you like a SALE, click here.
There are currently 492 SALE PRODUCTS! Notice, you can SORT BY: any number of ways, but Low to High might be fun! ;)

If you're looking for even more BARGAINS & FUN, try to join Kirsten & me at 1 pm TODAY, Friday! We'll be on FACEBOOK LIVE, 1 pm Kansas time, with a unique SALE!

To make purchases during the LIVE SALE, you'll need to be logged into FACEBOOK. If you don't really want to be on Facebook, but would like to join us, we can help you create a very generic account. If you want Kirsten to help you set that up, just give her a call at the store, before noon today, and you'll be all set up and ready to BUY! ;) 316-284-2547

Looks like my absence last week set her slightly "off kilter", but I'll be here today to help, so please TUNE IN! CLICK HERE for FACEBOOK LIVE.

And if you ever need to lighten your day, or just up your attitude a notch, you might want to watch some of these past videos. We can "sew naturally" get quite silly! You'll note the time on each video and see, we don't usually go too long, only 20 - 30 minutes. You can also re-watch Kirsten's short, impulsive Live appearances, unboxings and other stuff, that are both newsworthy & fun! ;) Please, share them with your friends!

This weekend is also SECOND SATURDAY, Sept 11. We'll be starting at 9 am, live, here in the store. Doors open from 8:45 to 9, at which time we lock again until 10, so please, don't be late!

This is the 9th block in the 5 Is Fabulous sampler. I'll have some more tips & tricks on pulling all the blocks together into a quilt! These are all straight seams. They just trick the eye to look curved!

Here I've just laid it over my oval dining room table because guess who (the cats!) were lying on the bed. This version will be queen size. But in class I'll also be talking about a couple of different ways (other than just adding borders) that you could take a quilt up to king size! Like this quilt? You can still buy the book. Click here for details.

Have a great weekend.
Hope to see you soon,

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