Just a quick message to remind you that we will be closed the first three days of next week, to count the inventory of the entire store! oh my!

We are open Friday & Saturday Dec 11th & 12th, then closed Dec 14th, 15th & 16th, Monday, Tuesday &Wednesday.

We will reopen Thursday Dec 17th! Store hours are 10 am to 5pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays.

New stock continues to be delivered, but we have stopped opening theboxes, so be sure to watch for KIRSTEN'S EPIC UNBOXINGS next week onFacebook!

Please note:
  • Yes,we will have FACEBOOK LIVE SALE today, Friday Dec 11th & next week Dec 18th at 1 pm Central Time (we're in Kansas!)
  • Yes, Mary's Fig Tree Sampler class next week, will be presented online. There will be no in-store meeting on Thursday the 17th.
  • We will close early on Christmas Eve, Dec 24th. Closed Christmas Day. Open 10 am to 4 pm Saturday Dec 26th.
ThisSaturday is SECOND SATURDAY. I will go LIVE at 9 am and with luck be able to also post the video so it can be viewed later in the day COMPLETE WITH SOUND! (I am still miffed last month'ssoundtrack is lost in the internet somewhere!)

We are wrapping up THE FILMORE QUILT and I'll be introducing AUNTSUKEY'S SAMPLER QUILT too. Stay tuned for details on available colors for your FREE KITS.

If this "time of Covid" has a silver lining, it is that many of us now realize we are more resiliant and resourceful than we could have imagined!

There are more alternative approaches and delays than there are cancellations. Ths is a good thing!

I plan to start 2021's Second Saturday as scheduled, on Saturday January 9th. I have a good supply of Marti's books & templates on hand, and you all know that I have PLENTY OF FABRIC to get started! :)

Current plan is to begin 2021 with on-line GROUP MEETINGS. I really miss your energy, so, selfishly, I seek to include you all in the meeting, not just me doing a one-sided video. More on that as we get closer to January. Hopefully, by the secondquarter of 2021, we'll be able to resume in-store meetings, with all the fun & excitement those bring to our lives! We'll be ready, as soon as it is safe!

Sign up for 5 IS FABULOUS SECOND SATURDAY SAMPLER starting next week.The first 60 can pick up their books when they register.
5 Is Fabulous

Meanwhile, let's finish up these 2020 quilts! We need to see those tops here in the store.
  • Bring in finished 2020 SECOND SATURDAY quilt tops, starting next Thursday,December 19th, through Friday January 8th, and be entered in a drawing.
  • The winner's name will be drawn during our first 2021 session, and will get their quilt quilted by us for FREE!
The final block kits will be available for PICK-UP, tomorrow, Saturday Dec 12 from 10 am to 4 pm. FREE when you show us your completed November block. $2.50 without a block, or anytime in December after the 16th.

As I said, we've now stopped even opening boxes, but we still have a mess going. ;)

SALE ON CHRISTMAS FABRIC continues! Click here.

Hope to see you soon!

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