Friday November 5, 2021

Hi all!

Happy November!  Hope all is well with you.  The sun finally came out here in Newton, and the day feels better already!

Randy & I did get away for a little road trip - 2000+ miles in a week!  Much of it on Route 66!  I know, I usually head for a beach, but this time it was the DESERT calling!

We did a lot of good eating too!  Santa Fe New Mexico was our first destination, drawn by the green chili blue corn chicken enchiladas! We made sure to have Mocha Cake too.  Yum!

Another highlight of the trip was seeing Julianne at Carlsbad Caverns, where she is now a ranger. You may remember Julianne worked at the store for a while last spring, waiting for her assignment!  

Check out the cool bat sculpture behind us!  

We have lots of BAT FABRICS!  

The drive from Tucson to Carlsbad was my least favorite part of the whole trip, but the caverns are SO WORTH IT!  

I know I was the only one there that morning (actually, there were fewer than a dozen of us!!) photographing the cave for quilting inspiration! ;)

The drive home was grey, but interesting and filled with cotton! [See our COTTON COUTURE line.] We drove and drove through Texas' cotton country.  It was everywhere, including lining the road with windblown cotton and in huge bales, many lined up close to the road waiting to be picked up!  So interesting.  I must research to find out the various qualities, and if any of this might be in our future fabrics. Hmmmm? ? ?

I've returned to the usual busy-ness of the store, which I missed. I will try to write a longer blog with more pictures later, and include a link in next week's newsletter.  I hope, as there is so much to do!

Next week Thursday is Mary's Sewing Club, also Second Saturday is Nov. 13th.  There is always lots to do to prep for that, too.

Meanwhile, today, at 1 pm is FACEBOOK LIVE.  Click here to join us LIVE.   There will be BARGAINS!  40% OFF REGULAR PRICE and more. (tease, tease).

Gotta run.  Hope to see you soon, it's good to be back at home, in Newton, surrounded by friends, furry and otherwise. (He was so happy I was unpacking!)  ;)

Stop by, or browse the web site for all sorts of NEW ADDITIONS!  Including HOME SWEET HOLIDAYS!

Click here if you missed LAST WEEK'S NEWSLETTER with lots of pictures of new stuff.

Have a great weekend!

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