Tuesday January 5, 2021

While it is difficult to express what 2020 meant to me, I can say that I look forward with great anticipation to 2021. How 'bout you?!

I look forward to new sewing projects. That's it. I am not even pretending right now that I want to finish any old ones. Today I just want new. :)

But that is me. I'm a starter, not a finisher. I love planning a new project. And I am generous in how long my "planning period" can be. This is the "playing with fabric" part. Because I like that part, a lot!

That is part of what makes this the perfect job for me. I love working in the fabric store, helping you start new projects, work on existing projects and help you make plans on how to finish projects. I get a lot of satisfaction from that. And it is fun to play with the fabric!

I think I like the planning almost as much as any other part. But I do love sewing. And I love cutting. I love the sound of the rotary cutter against the cutting mat, and the long cuts along the thick acrylic ruler. Yea, I like that sound.

And I love putting the pieces of patchwork together. Sometimes, just like a puzzle, there is more than one way to approach it. And figuring that out is fun for me. Yea, I love it. ;)

So, I hope you'll join me in at least one of our upcoming 2021 projects, that I'm planning right now.

  • Registration, $25, includes pattern book, 5 IS FABULOUS
  • Select one of 3 colorways - red/pink, black/white, blue batik
  • Have fun making new blocks
  • Earn FREE KITS
  • Click here for details
Those who register will receive an access code in their email to be able to participate in our video presentation. When it is safe, we will have in-person presentations and a terrific social gathering on the 2nd Saturday of each month. But until then, we'll have specials all day and other perks. So be sure to give us your email when you sign up!

If you like planning as much as I do, plan to do a second block each month, with a coloring or collection of your own choosing! These blocks will be fun to see done with different highlights & accents! Come join the fun. Click here.

Maybe you're one who likes a project that requires no planning? Try the latest from MODA, a sampler done all in SOLID COLOR COTTONS.

MY FAVORITE COLOR IS MODA SAMPLER will be a SEW ALONG, planned and run by Moda online.  They will start with a "prep post" on January 19, and Block one will be presented on Moda's social media and blog post February 2.

You need to buy the PATTERN BOOK from us for $12. Then twice a month (first & last Tuesdays) Moda will present a special "sew along", which you can join (for FREE) and make the blocks along with others.

We have all of the fabrics for two different colorways, as featured in the pattern book. MODA BELLA SOLID COLOR COTTONS - Primrose Garden & Coastal Cool.

Like many of you, I find inspiration for projects everywhere. I recently came across all the winners from the 2019-2020 HOFFMAN CHALLENGE. Click here.

We still have some of those fabrics. It is called HOFFMAN'S FIRST STITCH, and you can click here to see.

Sharon Schlotzhauer's quilt

And bags are always a grand way to show off fabric. This is a real winner!

Denise Dubois' handbag

I hope you'll have some time to browse our new web store. We're getting new items loaded on all the time. The store on Main Street is over-flowing with new!

Hope to see you soon, and wishing you a HEALTHY & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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