Friday May 6, 2022
Hi all,

Does the weather of this past week make you want to hibernate or does the cool rain, and loud thunder invigorate you?

Mainly, it confuses me.

To add to that confusion, I just returned from 3 days in Florida and CHRISTMAS FABRIC started delivery before I left, when it was still APRIL!

But they are so cute, and make you think, "what does Santa do all summer?". I think I spotted him more than once in Florida! ;)

Look at all these FAT QUARTERS we've cut and are ready to be scooped up by you!

I know he's going to spend some time hanging around in Charlotte's Sew Natural's HOLIDAY ROOM!

Lots of inspiration and opportunities for these panels and more.

Two colors in the panels, eggnog and navy.

Never fear, VARIETY reigned in the recent cascade of fabric deliveries!

Lots perfect for SUMMER SEWING. Gwen has been working feverishly. Most are online now.

Click on pictures from each collection to see some of what we've got!

Remember, SHOPPER'S CLUB MEMBERSHIP entitles you to 20% off all regularly priced merchandise, including FABRIC! ;) [Not a member? Click here for info.]

Dip in the Lake, from On the Lake collection from Lewis & Irene.

Yukata - an unlined cotton kimono, the line inspired by vintage flea market finds in Japan!

GNOME OF THE BRAVE, super cute & patriotic!

Summer quilts can be filled with flowers, umbrellas, soft or bright colors galore!

We aim to keep you inside and safe from pollen. Besides the mud, there is a "high pollen alert" for Newton today.

STITCHED, from FIG TREE, is full of bright RED and soft AQUA, and will be just as fun to work with as her previous lines.

Click here to see all FIG TREE.


Do you know a young person, age 10 to 16, who would like to learn to sew?

SEWING 101 for KIDS, every Wednesday morning in June, is now available.

And, for grown-ups, the TUFFET CLASS!
We've had request after request for this, and we have just 6 TUFFETS on hand along with the wooden base.

Sign up now for this FRIDAY JUNE 17 class. 9 am to 3 pm, here in Charlotte's Sew Natural classroom.

Kirsten & I will be on FACEBOOK LIVE, today at 1 pm Central time, with

Hope you can join us on FB LIVE, come visit us in historic downtown Newton LIVE or put us on your GOTTA GET THERE list for the near future!

So much to see, so much to do! xox

Have a great day and weekend, and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

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