Wednesday May 5, 2021

Hi all!

Happy CINCO DE MAYO!  If you are French, sorry, but if you are Mexican, then it is time to PARTY!  

Not being Mexican, I could not have told you (without Google) what Cinco de Mayo is all about.  For that matter, how many Americans can really tell you what 4th of July is about? (No, they are not both independance days!)

Anyway, May 5, 1862 Mexico defeated an invading French army.  Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of that battle victory over the French.  Now you know!

Not to be confused with the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos, which is also a popular festival in the US.  Day of the Dead is time to honor past ancestors.

I only bring this all up because I am still in Florida with my sister and our dad, and we are celebrating, remembering my late mother, who would have been 91 today!  So, in our family, we do successfully combine Cinco de Mayo and Dia de los Muertos!

I love this Alexander Henry fabric called TURN AROUND,COME BACK.  It is printed on a light-weight cotton canvas. I'm carrying a purse I made with it right now.  Click here to see this and many more ALEXANDER HENRY fabrics on-line.

And, in fairness to the French, who are also our friends, we LOVE, THE STATUE OF LIBERTY, a gift from the French people to America, dedicated just 24 years after they tried to invade Mexico.  Hmmm, seems like things were just as complicated back then as they are now.  People still love each other, even when their governments don't see eye to eye!

And I just love this dramatic PANEL fabric version from artist Ben Richard, simply called LIBERTY.

If you like the more classic designs, try AN AMERICAN IN PARIS.  My mother loved everything French.  The language, the food, the movies & people!

Click here to see more of this line, based on the movie.

"Paris is always a good idea."  Soft Spring colors make up this painterly fabric line - PAINTING PARIS.

Maybe someone you know would LOVE an entire quilt that finishes approximately 68 x 78 as shown above.  Click here.

My mother, who learned French as an adult, could carry on a conversation as well as anyone, in either language!  How about the French word "couture"?  Doesn't that make you feel elegant?!  Despite years of training at an early eage, that is one of the few words I can still pronounce!

But try COTTON COUTURE, with some vintage sewing notions, soft colors are just the thing.  Looks and “sounds” classy!

More SEWING THEMED fabrics can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Well, I'm about to wrap up my week in Florida.  I return to Kansas just in time for SECOND SATURDAY!  I will spend Friday getting ready, and hope to see lots of you in person.  We'll open the doors at 8:50 and lock at 9.  If you'd like to be here for the fun, on-time punctuality will be important.  (Sorry about Newton's trains issue!)  Not sure what kind of crowd may appear.  Please wear masks.

I will also be LIVE with Zoom, for those of you just too far away to consider being here in person.

We'll have a FACEBOOK LIVE SALE, as usual, at 1 pm on Friday.  I'm not sure what, but Kirsten has been thinking about it! ;)

Meanwhile, in honor of my great time in Florida, find FLOCKSTAR 25% off.  We also toured Vizcaya and the Deering Estate, lovely historical mansions south of Miami.  You'll find a lovely, classic fabric, FERN GARDEN on SALE on the web now.  Click here for details.

In addition, though we haven’t seen any real ones yet, all the FLAMINGO fabrics are on SALE through the weekend!  Grab these while they're HOT!  CLICK HERE.

Including this FLAMINGO DOUBLE GAUZE, perfect for swaddling the summer baby, or making a cool wrap to wear in an air-conditioned restauraunt.  (Ask me why I thought of that!  hahaha)

Looking forward to being home and back to work.  Looks like I'll be hitting the ground running!
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hope to see you soon,

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