Thursday May 13, 2021

Hi all!

I'm back from Florida.  What was a fun trip!  That Miami metro area is huge, diverse & interesting!

There's a very "hip" art district, known as Wynwood.  It is like an outdoor museum, showcasing large-scale works done by some of the world's best-known street artists.  Well, this girl from Kansas didn't know any of them, but the scene was incredible!

We couldn't stop taking pictures!  The grafitti is everywhere for blocks & blocks.  Inside every little nook and crany somebody has painted something.  Lots of different styles, all blending together.

If you're looking for inspiration for a "young person" who maybe doesn't necessarily like "quilts", you can't go wrong with this direction - lots of COLOR, black accents & themes that make you SMILE!  

If you missed it, check out my blog from last week, when I suggest some other Florida-trip inspired fabrics.  Click here.

Check out our BATIKS.  We even have a group called STREET ART.  So much fun!  Click here to see on-line.

Much like the actual STREET ART I'd seen in Miami, this batik makes me smile.  The "pattern" is an aerial view of traffic in lanes - just like the multi-lane highways in Miami!

Rita has finished paper-piecing GRAPHIC JAM. Very COLORFUL & fun.  The fabrics, FAVORITE THINGS, delight the eye and tickle the brain, with just that, "favorite things".  Check out the coffee cups, trees and kayaks, hidden in these prints.  Kits & fabric available.

Today Veda brought in her latest BATIK project.  The pattern is shown with orange and black fabrics, sort of a Halloweenish quilt.  She deviated completely!  Very nice! [Call us if you're interested in the pattern.]

Do you LOVE working with batiks or are you still "shy" of stitching them?  Either way, you should check out what we have online and then stop in the store for "even more"!  Maybe a BARGAIN will tempt you to try them?!

New ON SALE starting today, SELECT HOFFMAN BATIKS.  Click here.  The SALE BATIKS are marked down 30% off regular prices.

If you use Default Setting to "order by", which means "sort", you should see the sale fabrics on the first few pages.  (You can also sort by "Newest", "Name" & "Price".)  

If you can make it tomorrow at 1 pm these remaining HOFFMAN SALE BATIKS and "even more" will be the feature of our FACEBOOK LIVE SALE

Order now to be sure you get what you want at a great price, or wait, take your chances and pick up some bargains tomorrow, LIVE. 

Tune in to FACEBOOK LIVE Friday May 14, 1 pm central time to see me & Kirsten "hawking batiks". ;)

And if you don't already, be sure to FOLLOW & LIKE us on FACEBOOK, so that you get the first-run show of KIRSTEN'S UNBOXINGS!  Sure to inspire your day!  [Looks like she "unboxed" since I got my photo of the tower of boxes below.  See how fast stuff moves around here! Click here to see the latest. Follow us on Facebook and stay in the loop, even better than me!]

Great news - we're starting to see some significant BASIC REORDER shipments arrive!  

Yesterday and today we've received GRUNGE, in about every shade of white that they make!  

And now a "tower of boxes" sits in the classroom, full of KAFFE FASSET ABORIGINAL DOTS & SPOTS!  Let the fun begin!  These will be on the shelves soon and our collection may once again be COMPLETE. 

 Our goal is to have every single Kaffe DOT & SPOT in stock all the time to support and accent our fabulous and ever-changing WALL OF KAFFE COLLECTIVE!!

It's good to home.  Have a great weekend.

See you soon,

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