Friday March 4,2022

Hi all,

Wow, what super weather we are having now in Newton! I hope you are enjoying some blue skies like we are.

A month ago I started planning a quilt project for the first annual ALL KANSAS NEBRASKA QUILT SHOP HOP I carried the fabrics around with me for a while, looking for inspiration.

I realized that one of Kansas' best features is the bright blue sky high overhead. The specially designed fabrics looked perfect against a sky blue, so that's what I decided to do!


SPRING FLING by Vanessa Goertzen was the perfect pattern to feature the unique Kansas/Nebraska images in the feature panel. And the big flowers are just so "sunflower-like", that I couldn't resist!

I love it so much, I decided to enlarge it to fit a queen-size bed, which allows a larger border to show off one of the most popular fabrics - SUNFLOWERS & MEADOWLARKS.

Hope you love it too. KITS are available. Click here for more details.

It is hanging now in the store. Stop in soon to see in person.


We are ready for Spring!


I'm happy to say that lots of fabric arrived this week.

Check out these new Island Batiks - TWILIGHT GLOW.


Make your own play-date with batiks, and come see how they all play so well together! BRIGHT BATIKS in-stock now!

Loving these CITRUS COLORS?!

Check out SQUEEZE THE DAY from Wilmington.

The PLACEMATS panel used in this table topper will brighten any table and has one of my favorite trending sayings "You're One In A Melon"! ;)

Click here to see the entire line.

squeeze the day topper

AndCOREY YODER'S BEAUTIFUL DAY, is full of inspiration too! The red/white is really great!

Check out these two "cheaters cloth" panels! So beautifully printed, you can use them as is and just quilt all around them, or cut them up and include them with your patchwork. No need to do the applique! (See the MACHINE QUILTING CLASS below.)


This is Friday, which means 1 pm is the BARGAIN HOUR! (Or half-hour.)

Join us on FACEBOOK LIVE at 1 pm today, Central time, Friday March 4, to see our BARGAIN FABRICS. What will they be? ;)

Be sure to login to Facebook, so you can COMMENT when you see a BARGAIN that you want. That's the only way you can get these, so don't be shy!

These won't be on the website, although we do have LOTS OF SALE FABRICS online at all times. Click here.


We suddenly have one opening in next week's QUILTING ON YOUR DOMESTIC SEWING MACHINE class, which is Wednesday March 9th. Click here for details.

We have another class, SATURDAY March 26, if that suits your schedule better. Click here for detailson this QUILTING ON YOUR DOMESTIC SEWING MACHINE with CHERI'.


I rotate the quilts that I use to cover the recliner next to my desk. This week Hal decided his daily morning nap would be in this chair. Is it just a coincidence?! He looks so fine sitting there, every day! ;)

This is an oldie, but goodie pattern, LAP KITTIESClick here for details.

And it would be super for the newest TWILIGHT GLOW BATIKS shown above! Batiks don't stretch when sewn as strips and don't fray when used for raw-edge applique! Try it, you'll like it! ;)

Have a great weekend.
Hope to see you soon,


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