Thursday June 2, 2022

Hi Charlotte,

Tula Pink's newest, TINY BEASTS & TINY TRUE COLORS are now here in the store, and online too.
See at SEWNATURAL.COM online for pictures or to order.

Tula has focused a creative eye on critters in her backyard! So imaginative!

We have all TINY BEASTS + TINY TRUE COLORS, STRIPES & DOTS currently available in FAT QUARTERS (and by the yard, of course).

This rather large group can be "tamed" by separating into two colorways, GLIMMER & GLOW.

Order either colorway or both! They all work & play well together!

Each bundle contains 19 FAT QUARTERS, a mix of TINY BEASTS & TRUE COLORS in the new TINY DOTS & STRIPES.

JUST DANDY, a FREE foundation pieced pattern from FreeSpirit featuring all TULA PINK fabrics, TINY BEASTS + TINY TRUE COLORS, STRIPES & DOTS.

Let us know if you'd like a kit. We're cutting them on demand.

We had a big surprise late last week . . . TULA PINK herself stopped by the store! Tula and her mom plus other family & friends were sewing nearby, and of course, needed some stuff they'd forgotten to bring!

We had just loaded the shelves with her newest, Tiny Beasts and Tiny Dots & Stripes. Her mom admitted that when they are planning the lines, they actually wrap it on boards to see what it will look like on shelves. She was so excited to see it on display. Such a stickler to details! I love it!

So, be like TULA! Come on in, see it, and TOUCH IT for yourself. Meanwhile, click. ;)


Yesterday was rainy, again. But I had fun working on this FLAMINGO QUILT project. I was making lots of FLYING GEESE to go around the panel, and decided to share some TIPS on WISDOM WEDNESDAY.

Let me know if this is helpful! Or if you have questions, as I do breeze through it pretty fast. (And NO, I did not get them done in 1-1/2 hours! I should have known better. There WERE interruptions! LOL)

I mention several rulers and other stuff in the video, and am going to list some of it here, with links, if you're interested:
Flamingo QUILT KIT
x4 Flying Geese RULER
Marti Michell Flying Geese RULER
Bloc Loc Flying Geese RULER - 2 X 4,2.5 X 5
Quick Quarter GUIDE
Cutting Edge GUIDE
Corner Cut 60


Remember the first time you struggled to figure out a sewing machine?

Maybe you had someone to show you, or you struggled on your own.

Well, we're looking forward to helping the next generation!


Wednesday June 15 is the PILLOWCASE class.

Machines available.


Happy June!

I already miss May! June has been wet & grey. May was . . . oh wait . . . wet & grey? LOL

But really, May was great! We had so much fun with the All Kansas Nebraska Quilt Shop Hop. This one is "a wrap", but mark your 2023 calendars now, April & May!

Mail in your passports! Their drawings are next week. We're excited to see who wins our Grand Prize, a NAVY MORRIS MEDLEY QUILT KIT. Click here to see the kit, still available in the store and online, in case you don't win!

I love the ORIGINAL WILLIAM MORRIS fabrics, dating back to the late 1800s and the British ARTS & CRAFTS MOVEMENT.

We carry lots of REPRODUCTION and VINTAGE-LOOK fabric.

Speaking of "vintage", our "historic small town" of Newton, Kansas is 150 years old this year!

This weekend is a big celebration! Please note, the celebration is Saturday evening, but Main Street will be closed most of the day in preparation for the festivities.

For SHOPPING, Saturday 10 am to 4 pm, plan on parking in our back parking lot! Easy access, no steps!

Weather permitting, from 4 to 10 pm, there will be a street dance, live music, food trucks and beer garden.

Personally, I hope the attire has little resemblance to 1872! I will be wearing jeans! LOL


This past weekend, Randy & I buzzed up to Lincoln Nebraska to visit the International Quilt Museum. What fun!

Doesn't this quilt look "current"?!

But no, this was made and gifted in 1892 by grandparents Uriah & Harriet Miller Carpenter to their grandaughter.

This Mennonite couple together made 20 quilts & more for all their grandchildren. What a lot we have to live up to!

Also on display at the International Quilt Museum are some of the newly acquired Joanna S. Rose RED & WHITE COLLECTION.

Last shown at the historic NYC Park Avenue Armory in 2011, this smaller exhibit is very lovely and amazing. On display through September 11, 2022.

For a great list of QUILT MUSEUMS, worldwide, you should check out Rona The Ribbiter's list. A special bonus for travellers. ;)

Meanwhile, here at home, we continue to get new fabric almost daily!

June is in line to set a new record for most fabric arriving in one month! Whew!

Check out Australian designer JEN KINGWELL'S latest, THE LOOKOUT, from Moda.

Loving these LOLLIES. One width has 8 different 5" wide prints!

Speaking of "Lookout", I know many of you have been waiting for the BIG REVEAL!

The VINTAGE CHRISTMAS theme fabric & coordinate for our October Central Kansas Quilt Shop Hop is now available for viewing in the store!

Preordering available at a special, promotional price, now through August, but don't wait that long!

Pick-up & delivery will begin at the start of the Hop, October 6, 2022.


See you onFACEBOOK LIVE at 1 pm tomorrow? Don't miss it! There will be BARGAINS! $6.99, $5.99, how low will we go? ;)

Have a great rest of your week & weekend.
Hope to see you soon,


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