Thursday July 28, 2022
Hi all,

I hope July has been good to you!

We are getting ready to "wrap it up" and say hello to a new month.
Who made August the new "September"? Is it official, or just us?

Many new fabrics this week, including SCHOOL IS COOL!

Already people are busy counting the days until school starts, and/or looking forward to "off-peak" vacations, or just the turn of the leaves and the arrival of AUTUMN!

We have an awesome autumn quilt project for you.

Check out THIRD WEEKEND IN OCTOBER. Ours uses lots of KAFFE FASSET prints, but you could use all sorts of stuff. Great scrap buster!

We've been finishing all sorts of new MODELS to hang in the store.

Have you been here recently?

Check out the latest HALLOWEEN section, complete with Kirsten's new GLOW IN THE DARK table topper!

Our HALLOWEEN section has just moved "down the ramp" and taken over a whole section in that building!

Another near-finish by Kirsten, LIBBY, a modern woven-look quilt, in Boho colors! So trendy!

And featuring OH HAPPY DAY from Sandy Gervais, another woven-look quilt, PICNIC can remind you of happy summer days, all year long!

Mary finished the model for her new SAMPLER CLASS. It should be hanging soon. Register now for this fabulous, year-long class, which starts in September.

Another fun finish for a PANEL. 9-patch cornerstones are a nice detail.

And we have another top waiting to be quilted!

Lots of quilting, both ours and yours, is being done on our two big INNOVA long-arm quilting machines.

Kathy stitched and Rita quilted this, Scandi-style KNITTED STAR LAP QUILT.

Log-cabin-like, these large blocks are made from the CHEER AND MERRIMENT collection by Fancy That.

Speaking of "cheer & merriment", I finished a Vintage Christmas quilt.

As a matter of fact, Kirsten & I were putting binding on our projects at the same time, and decided to share our two different techniques in a short video, full of "cheer & merriment"!

I've never seen anyone else do this exact technique that I used. I give you my measurements in the video's description.

Do you know about the BIND-UP tool?

Makes finishing binding so easy! This is certainly one of my favorite SIMPLE tools! Click here for details. (Remember, you can now choose "I'll pick-up in store" as your method of shipping (I know, I know), and you won't be charged any postage. ;)


I'm one of those pretty easy-going people.

I can give a stack of fabric as a present and say "you'll get it later", the "it" being a home-made shirt, quilt, table runner, whatever.

So, when my nephew from New York was here last winter I gave him his quilt (that had been on display in the store for some time). As he was folding it to put in the suitcase, I realized that I'd just GLUED the binding. (It was only hanging on the wall, after all.)

No time left, I sent along a spool of thread and said that I was sure his mom would help him sometime when she was visiting him, and "here is a hand needle", in case you want to sew it yourself.

I am so proud of him! Recently, he was visiting another aunt & uncle with a machine. Here he is "standing" at a sewing machine, zig-zagging over the binding, which had come unglued when he tossed it in the washing machine. Oh yea, his dog Tucker LOVES this quilt too. LOL

Click on pic for more animal fabrics.

I hope you are getting some things crossed off your "to do" list this summer. And that you are keeping your priorities straight.

In our family that means going with the flow, and a "nearly finished" quilt on a bed is way better than a mere quilt top in storage! LOL

How's your stash of "tops"? Rita has time to turn more tops into quilts right now. Her list is quite managable. Bring your tops in soon, before the holiday rush for quilts begins!

Have a great end of July.
Hope to see you soon!


PS - Remember, you'll find BARGAINS, on our FACEBOOK LIVE at 1pm CDT tomorrow, Friday!

You can also click here to see all that is ON SALE, online anytime.

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