Thursday July 14, 2022

Hi all,

Special gift offer CONTINUES through July 16, or while supply lasts.CHRISTMAS IN JULY means you get a FREE GIFT!

Every customer gets a free pattern!

Spend $75 in Christmas fabric (pre-tax) and we'll give you a special fat quarter BUNDLE of 4 Christmas fabrics.

Yes, looking ahead to projects, but living in the moment . . . Ahhhh. . . flowers. The warmth of summer is found in this line, for sure.

Anna Marie Horner gives us WELCOME HOME, based on places she's lived and felt "home".

I just returned "home" to Kansas, nothing quite as beautiful as PERTH bouquets greeting me in my garden. But it is good to be home. :)

Check out PERTH, where each bouquet is 12" across!. I love AMSTERDAM, and NASHVILLE too!

Shown here to scale. The large print square represents 24", and the smaller squares are 12" across. So dramatic!

Anything STEAMPUNK, fantasy style, is a very popular fabric here at Charlotte's.

If you are not familiar, STEAMPUNK is essentially a fixation with Victorian technology, a romantic mix of steam, metal, gears and mechanical engineering.

A popular trend, crossing all gender lines, it is a fantastical response to modern life.

Desiree’s Designs for QT Fabrics has given us another set of imaginative characters in a whimsical steampunk world, where animals and locomotion mix.

So much NEW HALLOWEEN has arrived. So many styles!

HALLOWEEN, another fantasy genre is like-wise as popular!

If you've followed me at all, you probably know I have a special soft spot for BLACK CATS in my cat-lovin' heart.

This year's HALLOWEEN FABRICS do not disappoint!


HAUNTED HOLLOW from Tracey English for Clothworks is so cute.

Check this assortment of 10" squares. What fun!

Here is a clever BORDER STRIPE from HAUNTED VILLAGE from Henry Glass.

And you thought your medicine cabinet was scary! LOL

OLD SALEM BLACK HAT SOCIETY has ghosts, black cats, witches hats & more!

Even more HALLOWEEN, TOO CUTE TO SPOOK from Moda is fun.

Also, classic ALEXANDER HENRY, with their off-beat humor.

Check out BELINDA'S HAUNTED BROWNSTONE, as well as Belinda's BIG KITTY.

Some fabrics, like HAUNTED HOUSE (above) from Lewis & Irene have GLOW IN THE DARK features!

And even GNOMES get in on the HALLOWEEN fun!

Thinking all the way ahead to October reminds me that not only is it the month of Halloween, but October is also BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.

Riley Blake's latest HOPE IN BLOOM is a lovely group that will bring awareness and proclaim support for those on the journey. Perfect for those comforting quilts.

Don't just skip past this WHITE ON WHITE group.

Hard to capture in photos, I know! But we've got a great selection right now.

New from MODA, check out CORIANDER SEEDS, a new basic from Corey Yoder.

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New fabric un-boxings, etc.

Like FALLING FOR YOU from Alexander Henry.

The other morning Kirsten whipped up this REVERSIBLE APRON. Toooo Cute!

Lots of AUTUMN FABRICS to choose from!


Don't miss our FACEBOOK LIVE on Friday at 1 pm CDT.

Friday's FACEBOOK LIVE is where we serve up the BARGAINS!

One last reminder! Final days of CHRISTMAS IN JULY - FREE fq bundle GIFT through this Saturday, or while supply lasts.

Glad to be home. Hope to see you soon,

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