Friday January 7, 2022

Hi all!

Happy New Year!  Yes, hope abounds!  We're doing the best we can do and some days we even come out of our boxes. ;)

I spend many days in my home office & studio, surrounded by cats.  No matter what I try to do, someone is right there.  The third one is a "keeper", despite her ill manners and lack of respect for my work. LOL

I was checking out one of our newest online groups, A DOG'S LIFE, by Dan DiPaolo, caught my eye.  I thought, like my cats, most dogs I know have a pretty good life!
A little research showed that's not what that expression, "It's a dog's life" means at all!  In the 16th century, when it was first penned, a dog's life was a "miserable subservient existence". 

I am glad we now have come to terms with "man's best friend", and these fabrics are super cute!  Check them out here.  Maybe your pup needs a new quilt?

Click here to peruse all sorts of cute DOGS & CATS fabrics!

My nephew was here for a quick visit and I sent him back to cold upstate NY with a new quilt.  His boy Tucker was sooooo happy!  He loves the FIRESIDE I backed it with.  Check out all our FIRESIDE, 60" wide, super soft and washable, by clicking here.  16 colors on hand now!

Alex' & Tucker's new quilt above is a 2020 2nd Saturday Sampler.  Kirsten, Lynne & I have been working away on our 2022 SECOND SATURDAY quilts!  3 COLORWAYS to choose from!


Starts tomorrow, SATURDAY JANUARY 8.  At 9 am in the store.  I highly encourage masking.  The room may be crowded.  

  • REGISTER, plan to purchase one of our colorways or not (shown above).  All who register will receive the link to the SLIDE SHOW presentation each month.  This will allow you to follow me and my instructions.
  • Patterns are block cards, which will be found in your QUILT BUILDER CARD BOX, which must be purchased as well.  Click here for details.
  • Everyone purchases the first block kit.  BACKGROUND FABRIC not included. You determine the direction you will go.  We have the fabrics shown above, plus much more!
  • Next kit is FREE, starting in February, when you come to the 9 am meeting and show your block made from the January kit.  If you don't want one of our block kits, that is fine.  I know some of you have some pretty fabulous stashes, and have ideas of how to break that down this year!  Let's do it!
  • If you decide not to come to the first class, there is no different in the cost.  Everyone has to purchase the first kit, whether you come to the first class or not. 
  • DOOR PRIZE entries to all who attend.
  • SPECIALS monthly and other unique opportunities throughout the year.
  • Please BE SURE we have your current EMAIL ADDRESS, you'll want the link to my slide show which will enrich your experience (I hope. ;) ).

The supply chain still has "issues", yet we have lots of NEW FABRIC to delight & stimulate your creative juices!

Check out the latest fabrics from KIM DIEHL - RIGHT AS RAIN, so lovely!  Like Pear Orchard shown above.  Can't wait to start working with it.  Click here.

Mary is working on models of the SIMPLE WHATNOTS 11 mini-projects and in February will start the new STITCH ALONG - RIVERSIDE KNOLL featuring Kim Diehl's newest, Right As Rain collection.

Come join the fun!  Click here for details.  Stay tuned for availability of SIMPLE WHATNOTS MINI QUILT KITS!

Don't miss our first appearance in 2022!  It might just be wild!  We had some great clearance sales between Christmas & New Year's, and I think we might have a few more "one & done" BARGAINS for you today.

If you've never done this before, today is the day!  FRIDAY AT 1 PM, FACEBOOK LIVE on our page.  CLICK HERE.  

Anyone can click on that link and "watch" us, but in order to make purchases, you need to be logged into Facebook as YOU.  Then you'll be able to COMMENT.  In the Comments, you'll tell us what you want when you see it.  Pretty simple.  If you've never bought from us before, send us a private message with your contact info, so we can follow up for payments.

Sometimes there is only one of an item, and sometimes there are multiples, like those bolts we find in the closets!  (I believe they are cloning!!)

Just remember, we're in KANSAS, which means Central Time.  So join us for lunch, early or late.  We are usually on for just 20 or 30 minutes.  Not too long, and just long enough. ;)

Sometimes there are things left over, so don't be shy about commenting later.  It doesn't hurt to ask.  

I hope your 2022 is off to a good start.

Randy & I were delighted to celebrate New Year's Eve with our beautiful Lily & Ryan as they tied the knot, joined by a small group of family & friends.  I don't know what else this year will hold, but so far so good! :)

Wishing you and yours a happy & prosperous New Year.  Hope to see you soon!

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