Flowers, fabric and a place to lay his head.
Friday January 22, 2021

Moda Fabrics has just released the details of MY FAVORITE COLOR IS MODA! Click here to see Moda's Blog post. This will be a new Sew Along, starting in February.

We have the pattern booklet in stock, and you can stop in the store, or order it online here.

We have all the MODA BELLA SOLIDS for 2 of the colorways, Primrose Garden & Coastal Cool. Click here.

If you watch Kirsten's unboxings on Facebook last week, you may have been a witness to the power going out! We had 7 large boxes arrive about 11, she was opening them, live, just after noon, and we were scheduled to do a LIVE SALE on Facebook at 1. We didn't make it until after 2, but we were very thankful electricity had been restored!

Then, on Saturday, we realized that the phones had stopped working shortly after opening, and we'd been so busy with customers, we hadn't noticed the phone not ringing! Apologies! Oh well. We stay flexible around here. ;)

Since this is Friday, we'll have a LIVE SALE on Facebook at 1, Central Time, here in Kansas! Join us if you can.

Follow us on FACEBOOK, and you'll be notified when Kirsten is doing something live, like a tour of the store, or announcing new specials.

We've been hanging new models in the store, so just one more reason for you to stop in - new INSPIRATIONS!

Finishing up some projects? I know a lot of you are, and congratulations to whittling down that stash!

We have new 108 inch WIDE BACKS, in some great colors. Maybe just what you need.

Including more than a dozen colors of WIDE CUDDLE. 90" wide and soft as soft can be! Plus some new colorful CUDDLE PRINTS as well.

Colors, yes, lots of colors! I love that Moda has printed on 1 yard of 100% cotton, all the colors of their MODA BELLA SOLIDS. What a great reference tool.

Speaking of tools, we're always getting new gadgets and tools in. Be sure to check out our notions walls.

Lots of FLORAL FABRICS showing too. I guess the designers, like many of us, have a renewed interested in gardening.

Last week I mentioned Hoffman's new CHALLENGE, a gorgeous group of floral fabrics. Plus MOODY BLOOM is new from MODA. Both are online now.

Embroidery & flowers go together.

Don't embroider? Try this pre-printed panel, embroidery optional, called WINDOWSILL GARDEN.

We have a few of these charming panels, and some coordinating 1930s prints, all from WINDOWSILL GARDEN by Darlene Zimmerman.

Check out this cute little kit. Lily has been embroidering a lot this winter, and is sharing this with us. Lovely!

The newest large quilt, now hanging in the store (see picture above with Kirsten), COURTYARD featuring INDIGO GARDEN, was just finished by Rita.

And it is lovely too! The finish was perfectly timed to the arrival of the fabrics and KITS are now available.

And, if you've been eyeing the CANYON QUILT, from Wing and A Prayer Designs, we've cut just a few more, but when they're gone, they're gone!

While I've been writing this newsletter, I've come across some stuff that isn't on the web, but will likely be on soon. Did I mention we already have more than 1100 COTTON PRINTS on our web site now?! Click here to see.

I snapped this picture of Hal a week ago. He is fine. At the time I wondered "what is he thinking? A pincushion is the best place to lay his head?", but maybe that day the answer was "yes"? Hopefully, like the rest of us, he's been able to move on. ;)

Hope to see you soon. Have a good weekend!

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