Friday April 16, 2021

Hi all!

Do you ever want to be like a butterfly and just soar up high, see the sights, and then come back down and sit on a flower?  I recently read a gardener's blog which started out, "butterflies are like flying flowers".  I liked that imagery too!

Why not make yourself a beautiful BUTTERFLY QUILT?!  Choose your favorite fabrics of the moment, and use my latest favorite ruler, the CUTTING CORNERS ruler and you'll have it done in no time!  We have kits, or choose any set of FAT QUARTERS.

Or, stop by and see all the newest fabrics and products we've got on our shelves!

Including these cute, FOLDABLE MINI TOTES.  We've even got an organizer's dream insert to make them even more useful.  How about a sweet MOTHER'S DAY GIFT, with another little something tucked inside for good measure!  

New kits got cut this week.  Check out this very POPULAR line that just arrived.  KITS AVAILABLE NOW!

Also popular and only a couple left right now, COURTYARD, in blues.  Click here.

For something a bit brighter, we've cut a sampler pack, 24 pieces measuring 15 x 20 inches of INFERNO by Giucy Giuce, a unique ombre, with fiery effect.  We've got more on the bolt too, so get creative with this!  Check out all the great OMBRE PATTERNS out there, or come in and see some of the ones we've done.

This almost looks "pixelated"on the screen, but really, they are this great prints with lots of stagger swagger!  See how well they play with some of Kaffe Fasset's design. Rich!

While you're looking for inspiration, maybe you want to see all the quilt blocks in the world.  You need Barbara Brackman's 3rd edition of ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PIECED QUILT BLOCKS.  Originally published in 1979, this beautiful book has over 160 brand new blocks, and is illustrated in full color.  Many beautiful, modern photographs for further inspiration.

Watch this video to take a look inside the book, then phone (316-284-2547) or come by the store and pick up your own copy!

Hope you have a great weekend.  It is rainy here, and maybe that means you can't get out in your yard, so you might as well come on in to Charlotte's Sew Natural in Newton for some bright fun colors, lots of flowers on fabric (butterflies too and no pollen!). ;)

See you soon!

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