Friday February 18, 2022

Hi all,
As I write a very full moon is shining in the west window of my office. It is beautiful & big. No wonder I am awake so early!

This is a sweet FULL MOON fabric, found in the Michael Miller collection, BELIEVE. Click here for more.

Somewhat shocked that it is Friday, I have been pondering the past week and all that has happened. Monday was Valentine's Day. We saw two fabric company sales women iin two days, and of course, yesterday's snow storm, which included an internet & phone outage! Whew!

Was it really just last weekend that I was retreating at the Hyatt?! So many great memories!

We had a great group and so much love!

Darla's sweet, simple strip-pieced heart was an early "finish". OK, Darla and I share similar values. A "top" can be considered a "finish"! ;)

Diane's EXPLODING HEART, in "friendly happy place" colors!