Presidents' Day Sale - Cold 2nd Saturday
Friday Feb 12, 2021

Hi All!

COLD, COLD, COLD. But let's not dwell on it. ;)

A freak pattern of nature has caused this, as we're 30+ degrees lower than normal here in Kansas. My husband monitors how far he'd have to drive each day to get out of "it". I think, "what can I bind?" I might as well keep busy while sitting with a quilt in my lap! :) If not for Covid, we'd probably be driving somewhere, me with a quilt being bound in my lap! However, I love being at home, so "it's all good!". ;)

I'm even getting another project done! I'm making CHECKMATE, a LONE STAR out of batik with a fun patchworked border. There are kits available using the pictured Hoffman California hand-dyed solids.

Did you see my Wisdom Wednesday last week? Click here to watch it on Youtube.
[Below, me when I read that the pattern wanted me to cut & sew 288 individual diamonds!]

That is not my style! Some of you may just love that technique. Thank goodness there are many to choose from. But if you'd like to learn how I approached it (and got it done in just a couple of days of part-time sewing), be sure to catch my video above.

The piecing has gone really well. The 8 star "legs" are completed. Here it is sharing the design wall with my 10" 2nd Saturday blue batik blocks. So much to do! ;)

Now I'll start on the applique. I'm debating the technique, but since the quilt is a model, I'm probably going to do the fastest.

I haven't decided if I'm using FUSIBLE WEB (making quilt too stiff?), and covering the raw edges with machine stitched buttonhole stitch in a slightly heavier thread, or glue-basting, or fusible web just around the outside? I'll keep you posted. And maybe do another video. :)

THREAD! Did I mention? We're going to start carrying an assortment of AURIFIL THREAD! More on that next week!

BUY 2, GET 1 FREE!!!

This is also the SECOND SATURDAY in February. If you are registered, watch for a separate email reminder with a ZOOM MEETING LINK. The meeting will start at 9 am Saturday. Be prepared to SHOW YOUR BLOCKS! (a recording will be posted later that morning)

When you show your blocks in the Zoom meeting you will qualify for a FREE KIT! All others will have to bring their block to the store (today or tomorrow) to qualify. (see your rules)

ALERT!! Due the the weather, THIS MONTH ONLY, we've prepared and are releasing the kits early.

You can come in any time today 10 to 5 and Saturday 10 to 4 pm, show us your block from January and get your next kit for free, or pick up your kit and pay $2.50.
Click here if you'd still like to join. It is not too late! 3 colorways to choose from. Red, Blue Batik, Black/white Here are some of the blue ones. And the quilt with the red blocks is hanging in the store. Stop in soon!

There is a lot of new inspiration in the store - new fabric and new models, both! Hope you're enjoying Kirsten's FACEBOOK LIVE updates. Unboxings keep us busy, whether they show up on video or not!

Speaking of that, Kirsten & I will be doing our WEEKLY BARGAIN BASH at 1 pm today on FACEBOOK LIVE!

If you've never joined us for a Friday afternoon SALE, it is sort of fun, and there are some terrific bargains to be had. We give each item a number, you tell us in the comments (so you have to be signed in to Facebook to comment) that you want that number, and according to our feed, the sales are made! Send us your contact info by Facebook private message, and we'll call you for payments. Simple! ;)

Please continue to wear your masks, be careful in this frigid cold weather, and stay healthy! Hope to see you soon!

Happy Valentine's Day. We love you!

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