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Friday December 10, 2021

Hi all!

Family & friends still looking for gift ideas for you?

Keeping it "short & sweet", HERE IS MY LIST OF TOP 5 GIFTS, available now, any of which would make a great gift anytime, not just for Christmas!  

Register as a customer on my web site, then be sure to add any or all of these items to your "WISH LIST", and share that link liberally with your friends and family.  LOL  
Tip: When I set mine up, I used my summer birthday as my "event date".

  1. SHOPPER'S CLUB membership - gives the biggest bang for the buck!  Remind them that you'll think of them every time you shop at Charlotte's and save 20%! ;)  And we'll extend your membership by 12 months if you are already a member.
  2. GIFT CERTIFICATEs - easy to order online, flexible: can be spent online or in the store in Newton.
  3. BOHIN Christmas Cracker - a unique idea, I know, a little like a bad Halloween idea, but pins & needles in this cracker are just the thing for a stitcher like you!
  5. MYSTERY GIFT for any Creative!

The SEWING RETREAT AT THE WICHITA HYATT in February 2022 will be a fun place to be together.  We're planning safe spacing and healthy practices.  Click here for details.  Sign up today!  
If you'd like a private, single room, you've got it for just an additional $133!  Let me know.

Sign up for the RETREAT today!  Or maybe someone will "gift" it to you?!  Click here, then add it to your WISH LIST or GIFT REGISTRY.

2022 brings us KIM DIEHL'S newest, SIMPLE WHATNOTS 11.  8 MINI QUILTS!  Click here for details on a BUDGET-FRIENDLY DEAL.
Crossroads - Modern Americana

Mary will also be gathering a group to do Kim's STITCH ALONG - Riverside Knoll.  Click here.

If you've never taken a class from us, we make it real easy.  This is a lecture/demo class.  Just bring yourself, leave all your "stuff" at home.  Mary will talk you through it, include tips, and demonstrate techniques, so you can go home, in the comfort of your own space, and stitch along!  Afternoon and evening meetings to choose from.  Click here.

Tomorrow is our final 2nd Saturday of 2021.  Bring your November block, show it in class and get your last kit for free.

Just in time to register for our 2022, QUILT BUILDER 2nd Saturday.

The first SECOND SATURDAY in 2022 is January 8th.  

Enroll before then, so we'll have your first block kit(s) ready!  CLICK HERE for DETAILS.

Doors open at 8:45 am, lock at 9 am and class starts promptly! Class will be done by 9:45 am.
  • Enrollment fee $10 (non-refundable)
  • Purchase of Quilt Builder Card Deck $14.95 (each person must have their own set) 
  • Select from 3 colorways: Shades of Purple, Amish Sunset, Morris Bungalow
  • Purchase fabric to be used as the background in each block
  • Monthly block kits will include 2 to 5 fabrics needed to make a 12" finished block ($2.50 month of issue, $5 each later)
  • Earn FREE block kits when you show up at the next month's class with your finished block
  • New for '22: Register for 1, 2 or ALL 3 colorways!  If you register for 3 ($10 each), get 3 blocks made, show them in class, you get 3 kits for free!  (must be different colors, tell us in comments your additional color choice(s))
Again, 3 COLORWAYS.  We're working on samples and will show more complete examples soon.  You choose your own background fabric, meanwhile, here's what we're playing with.

The MORRIS BUNGALOW fabrics are expected in the store soon, and the blocks will be chosen from this beautiful collection, ORIGINAL MORRIS from Free Spirit, coming soon!

The SHADES OF PURPLE have so many possibilities.  Here's one I'm exploring.  Use a theme fabric as the background?

AMISH SUNSET has been fun to play with.  Kirsten has chosen SUPER BLACK for her background and is playing with turning 12 twelve inch blocks into a king-size quilt!  It is looking SUPER!

Stay tuned here, as I'll post more pictures in this newsletter as we get them. Or go ahead, jump right in and REGISTER NOW.  This is always fun!

FACEBOOK LIVE at 1 pm TODAY with me & Kirsten!  I can't tell you what they are, but THERE WILL BE BARGAINS! and ??! ;)  
Click here, login to Facebook, and get ready to COMMENT when you want something.  We'll call you for your payment, and we'll hold or mail your SWEET DEALS!

All this week Moda has unveiled new blocks in COZY LITTLE CHRISTMAS - Moda's Countdown to Christmas 2021.

This is such a cute block!  Love the cannister and the towering whipped cream, all captured in fabric.  You do realize, we've got a great selection of solid color cottons, right?  And Moda's BELLA SOLIDS are all made from cotton grown in the USA!

Wishing you a productive weekend, and hope to see you tomorrow.  We're in the store today until 5 and tomorrow open 10 am to 4 pm (2nd Saturday attenders, doors open from 8:45 to 9.

Stay warm & cozy!

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