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Friday December 4, 2020

Hi all!

As you can see, I've got a new newsletter format to work with and it looks different.
So does the web site!

SEWNATURAL.COM has launched! Dot Com is the difference. Still SewNatural.

Hello, it is still me-wa, CHARLOTTE! ;)

I have learned about all the "new" I can for now, and so will have to work on the "look" of this newsletter later.

Meanwhile, please stay tuned on our Facebook - Kirsten has lots of activity there with unboxings, store tours, comic-relief for your day & more!

Today at 1 pm central time (that's us, here in Kansas) we'll go LIVE with some special specials on SALE.

But you can click here, explore the new web site, see all the sale fabrics, and place orders.

We're using Square for regular credit cards, and PayPal, if that is your preferred method.

It is all protected with a super secure SSL.

Moving everything (they call it "migrating") was interesting.

We're still trying to get all the product "categories" straight.
Meanwhile, I have made categories called "ALL" in case you don't know exactly what you're look for, or who the designer is, or what the name of the line was.

The SEARCH feature works pretty slick! Look for the GOLD MAGNIFYING GLASS icon near, or at the top of the page to search with any words.

I will keep working on this format, and may send out another test newsletter later this weekend, or early next week.

I have so much news to share with you! New stuff in the store, new fun finished models, new classes, and 2021 Second Saturday. Stay tuned, and watch FACEBOOK too!

Meanwhile, FABRIC, FABRIC, FABRIC! A ship must have landed, because all the companies who had slowed down, suddenly shipped. This week we've received fabric that was meant for delivery in October, some from November, and since it is the first week of December, a bunch of that too!

Gwen & Lynn are learning how to put fabric on the new website. I see there is a section called "new", but since it is currently all new to this site, I'm not sure what that shows right now. But it will be a good place to check out the new, in the near future.

So, we ask for a bit more patience.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are up and orderable. That looks really good and easy too. ;)

Plus, CHARLOTTE'S SHOPPER'S CLUB membership is there, and we're getting all the current members' names entered, and soon you'll be able to see and receive your discount right when you place your order! WOW!

Join the Club! You too can save 20% off al regularly priced merchandise for a year!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Charlotte's Sew Natural
710 N Main St
Newton, KS 67114

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