Friday January 8, 2021

Maybe, like me, you haven't been away from your desk much this week. I needed a "pick-me-up", and a trip to Charlotte's Sew Natural was just what the doctor ordered!

Now some of you might be saying, "but it is your store Charlotte". And others of you know that sometimes I'm not very visible. Because there is lots of behind the scenes stuff that I "get" to do. hahahaha

I've been working hard on our upcoming launch of 2nd Saturday. Kirsten even did a surprise visit to me and my sewing room. That was fun! You can check it out by clicking here.

And I've been trying to learn all I can about how to present using Zoom. As we still can't have a gathering of any size at the store. We hope that the new numbers of COVID will start to go down so that we can once again have fun events in the our classroom, but until then we'll do the alternatives.

If you want to see our Zoom 2nd Saturday, you'll have to register ($25) for the class before tomorrow morning, so that we can email you the link to enter. Click here for details.

Meanwhile, there is so much happening at Charlotte's Sew Natural on Main Street in Newton! New fabric keeps arriving.

Some of the big boxes that came this week were supposed to be delivered in November. That is how BEHIND our industry has fallen. (I heard a longshoreman on the radio the other day pleading with the California govenor to get his workers on the frontlines for vaccination, as he's still having trouble getting ships unloaded in LA.)

But what BEAUTIES we got, and they were perfect to pick up the spirits of everyone on a cold, grey, January afternoon.

Click here to see Kirsten's MONDAY UNBOXING. There is a lot of fun stuff here! And Kirsten has a new light on her camera. Really great shots Kirsten!

Check out MOODY BLOOM from Moda. From Create Joy Project, these are really beautiful. You can check out Moody Bloom on our website, too, click here. Or you can always search, using the magnifying glass icon at the top of every web page, to look for lines, designers, etc.

Also large, beautiful blooms, the new HOFFMAN CHALLENGE 2021 fabrics are now in the store!

Deadline in April, so pick up your booklet full of details for entering, or click here.

We'll have them on the web site soon. You can click here to see all Hoffman Challenge fabrics, past & present.

We are almost to our maximum enrollment for Kim Diehl's SIMPLE WHATNOTS CLUB, 2021. Call the store for details. 316-284-2547

When we were cutting the fabrics for the first project kit, everyone in the store started oohing and aaaahing, and asking what it was for. So, take a look, as usual, the illustrations on the screen don't "do the fabric justice". ;)

And finally, a reminder that tomorrow is the first Second Saturday of 2021. I'll be presenting in a Zoom meeting.

The only way to attend the Zoom meeting at 9 am is to have registered by the end of today (Friday Jan 8), online or in person, so you will receive the invitation.

It is fine if you decide to register for SECOND SATURDAY after the first meeting. We willCONTINUE TO REGISTER anyone for 2nd Saturday for a long time. You just will have to watch a recording of the meeting you missed, and then you can come to the next meeting.

Hoping to have in-person meetings again, sometime this year! Meanwhile, ZOOM!

We are still working out the kinks on our new website. Please stay patient with us. Someday we'll be able to show you all the names of listed lines, all of them, not just the ones from A - F. ;(

Hope you can stop in to the store on Main Street here in Newton, KS to see us soon.

If you are shopping on line and have any questions or problems, please reach out! We know of a few bugs, and can often push an order through once we know it is stuck. And are happy to help with any other questions.

As always, I hope you follow us on Facebook. Lots of updates during the week to keep you entertained and informed. ;)

Have a great weekend! Stay warm & safe.

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