August 13, 2021

Hi all!

Happy Friday the 13th anniversary to my dh of 40 years! Randy & I were married in San Francisco City Hall, on a Thursday. I see that the New York Times recently did a story on couples who were married in that august venue, but they neglected chatting us up! Oh well, that story is for another time. It was an adventure! ;)

Today we are vacationing in Florida, where we have spent many happy anniversaries with family.

The Perseid meteor shower usually coincides with our anniversary, and the beach on the Gulf coast can provide a dark sky for the display! We've enjoyed lots of sky watching, from sunrise to sunset! Many happy returns of the day, sweetie! xox

I wonder if Perseid's was Sarah Watts' inspiration for this beautiful fabric in her FLORIDA collection for Moda? Check it out here.

Not wanting to work real hard while I've been on vacation, I gathered all this news from the shop before we left, and am getting excited about returning to my sewing room just re-reading it now!
There is a SHOP HOP QUILT waiting on my table, in pieces. It is next on the list! Buddy is probably anxious for me to get home and back to work too. Click here to see fabric.

Kathy thankfully took a couple of my "to do" projects and ran with them! They turned out great, and it is so much fun to see them FINISHED! I know, I know, now you all want a "Kathy"! LOL

First she grabbed the fat quarters I'd pulled from BUBBIE'S BUTTONS & BLOOMS, a sweet sort of vintage group of prints.

I'd paired it with a new cross-dye fabric, ARTISAN COTTON, woven yellow one direction and brown in the other, which gives it a very rich color and texture. I'd chosen a simple pattern. Kathy discovered that paying attention to the direction the seams were pressed would have made it even easier to assemble!

I think it looks great!

We've got bundles of FAT QUARTERS ready for you to grab too, and you can choose your own background fabric. We still have the ARTISIAN CROSS-DYE, but you might want something else to make it your own!

Then the whole shop was excited the day that BOTANICALS by Janet Clare for MODA arrived! I'd been looking for something to use MOSAIC, a pattern from Running Doe Quilts, which needed a focus fabric. MOSAIC has a finished 6" square that is just perfect for featuring something special, and the BIRDS in Botanicals just fit the bill! ;)

I really love how this worked out!

Again, kits are made, and if you can't find them on the web site, just phone the store, 316-284-2547.

Check out the patterns here:


Even though I'm not there, Kirsten will be on FACEBOOK LIVE at 1 pm today with a SALE! I'm curious to see what she does, so hopefully I'll have service and be able to catch it on my phone.


As I said, I'm looking forward to being back in my sewing room, and wrapping up my SHOP HOP QUILT!

Remember there are lots of reasons to SHOP HOP, not the least of which are all the prizes that are given away to participants!

Here I am, with an assortment of notions from Martelli, including cutting mats, cutters, rulers and more, which will be the GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE this year!

Have a great weekend! The store is open Saturdays 10 - 4! [I know I'm going to have to repeat this forever because just once I held up a sign that only showed Mon - Fri hours 10 - 5!)

Hope to see you soon,

PS-Oh yea, click to watch our STORE TOUR contest video, please & thank you. ;)

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