April 1, 2021

Hi all!

You all get tonight off!  Only playing with your fabric stash allowed!  April Fools!  Never mind, "what's for dinner?"

But maybe, you are one of the lucky ones who does have tomorrow or part of tomorrow off from work?

Not the staff at Charlotte's Sew Natural - we are open our usual 10 am to 5 pm tomorrow, Friday April 2.

Tune in for our FACEBOOK LIVE SALE at 1 pm Kansas time (central).  Our super-duper savings focus will be Violet Craft's darling line, BUFFALO FLATS.
Be sure to que up, for the savings.

Shown here is a collage of items made with BUFFALO FLATS by Violet Craft for Robert Kaufman.  The prints are 100% cotton.  The VELVETEEN is 100% cotton.  It is all washable!  These are going to be SPECIALLY PRICED only during this FACEBOOK LIVE at 1 pm CST, Friday April 2!

Pull up a chair, get comfy.  If you've never done this before, it is super simple.  You just have to have a Facebook login. If this is new to you, really, you can give them very, very little info about yourself, and still get  a login.

Anytime you're going to find some fun & fabulous tips & pointers.  But about 1 pm on Fridays, you'll also see us come on LIVE with a SALE.

When you see something you want during our Facebook Live Sale, 
  • just COMMENT 
  • write the NUMBER on the item we are selling, then x whatever QUANTITY 
  • IF it is a "one & done", the FIRST person's comment to show up in our feed (not yours, sometimes different), gets IT 
  • BUT tomorrow we're selling YARDAGE, and so you can say how much you want, the more the merrier

After the SALE, if you've never shopped with us (or if your name is changed, etc), just private message us with your contact info, and we'll take it from there, calling to get your credit card, etc.  We can mail, or hold for you to pick up, saving you even more!

If you'd like a KIT for a BABY QUILT, using BUFFALO FLATS, complete with pre-cut strips, click here.

Robert Kaufman even produced matching 100% COTTON VELVETEENS to coordinate with this line, adding extra soft texture.  Back your baby quilt with that, and you'll be remembered all their life! ;)  [See Violet's quilted items in picture above.  Quilts fantastic!]

Try this velveteen with something completely different!  Makes great garments.  Soft enough to gather, drape and hug.  Perfect coordinates.  Any LONGHORN COWGIRLS out there?  Texas Bluebonnet spring!  LOL

Spring inspires most of us!  And we've been hopping around from inspiration to inspiration, even getting some things done!

Check out this darling runner that Mary just finished using Kaffe Fasset fabrics.  

Our kits are cut, and if you need the new book TRENDY TABLE RUNNERS 3, we've got those available too!  There is lots of inspiration in this one and more models coming here soon!

Meanwhile, my family has been looking forward to the opening of the BASEBALL SEASON.  

Due to the "mask madness", we currently have almost no baseball fabric.  A bit of this is left, click here for details.

Here in Newton, Graduation is about 6 weeks away.  Check out this fun BOUNCE pattern for inspiration.  Could easily make this longer for a throw-size or lap-size gift.  And it will stitch up quickly.  Got a few t-shirts to highlight?  This is a great one, without all the work that a full size t-shirt quilt entails, and will probably be just as LOVED!

Or, check out our KIT, as shown.  Great for a dreamer or wanna-be traveler!

Is it the weather or the moon?  Our "helpers" have been less than "helpful" recently!  So "needy".   Gotta love 'em.  :)

Mary's quilting "helper".

It is supposed to be a nice weekend, and we know you're dying to get out and about!  We're here SATURDAY 10 AM TO 4 PM! 
Hope to see you soon, and have a great weekend!

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