Friday April 23, 2021

Hi all!

This chilly weather is sure good for cuddling under a quilt.  And for buzzing around your sewing machine, making more!

I know some of you may still be tempted to visit the nurseries this weekend, but really, if you come to Charlotte's Sew Natural in Newton, you'll get a FREE SEED PACKET with purchase!

That will be FABRIC, of course!  Come check out our indoor "garden show".   :)

And if you want more than one SEED PACKET, you can always purchase a panel full of them - kinda like a FLAT SALE!  HAHAHA!

We have tremendous FLORAL FABRICS!  Look at this detail.  And the colors are rich. 

Whether your style is traditional or leans more modern, we've got a selection for you.

Digital prints have unlimited colors and are so beautiful.

Flowers are some of the most popular panels.  We are almost out of the panel used in this quilt.  Click here for FLOWER JEWELS.

Here's a beautiful PASTEL BATIK collection.  SAFE HARBOR, available by the yard or in a KIT.

And the "oh so popular" A COUNTRY WEEKEND quilt kit.  Click here.

LIVE FACEBOOK SALE today at 1 pm Central Time (we are in Kansas!)

We've got a whole stack of "short bolts", so they'll be "one & done".  And you're gonna want to tune in for this, as they are from our COLOR WALL! This is always a popular offering!

If you've never participated in one of our CHARLOTTE'S SEW NATURAL FACEBOOK LIVE SALES, you just have to be logged into Facebook so that you can comment.  Then when you see something you want, you comment!  And then, with a "one & done", the first person gets it.  Simple. ;)

We'll have some that there are multiple chances on as well, so be sure to stay through to the end.  I don't think it will be long, and  you'll probably be able to eat your lunch at the same time!

We'll contact you for payment info if/when you get something.  For those of you who "don't do Facebook", I'd like to address your reservations.  It is quite simple to set up an account. (For this reason my father has several!)  You can give them very little info.  You can share nothing, have no friends, and never spend any time there, EXCEPT have the ability to participate in our LIVE SALEs. ;)  

Really, simple!  Call us and Kirsten will be happy to walk you through set up.

FREE SEED PACKET fabric patch available to web orders too.  Just mention in the comments that  you'd like one!

Again, have a great rest of the weekend, and hope to see you in the store.  

PS - And for those of you and yours who would rather be FISHING, we have a great KIT right now, FIRST CATCH. Shown here is the center, featuring a great FISH PANEL.   Click here to see the whole quilt.

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