Friday April 22, 2022

Hi all, 

Now, today's a date, isn't it? ;)

Another fun project for different fabrics this summer are these gathered BINDLE BAGS. 

I just love the simplicity and the unique shape. The Bindle Bag makes an excellent tote when shopping, expanding as needed! 

Check out the one on the left. CELESTIAL COLLAGE is a cotton/linen from ZEN CHIC for Moda. 

A perfect fabric for bags & home dec projects, and ON SALE NOW! 

Stop in and take a look at our fabric from a slightly different angle. Maybe you need to wear it? 

My new favorite top pattern is called VERDUN WOVEN T-SHIRT. 

I've already made 3! Not a knit t-shirt, yet just as easy to wear. 

The pattern comes with several different dart sizes, so whether you're full-figured or flat, this shirt will fit! 

 I love the asymmetric hem, slightly longer in back. Sassy yet simple finish with facings adds class. 

 Visiting Lily, she literally took shirt #1 off my back! LOL 

Look what Kirsten did with my left-overs from shirt #2. 

She picked up a cute denim jacket at the resale shop across the street, and quickly stitched her favorite RAD BIRD to the back, intentionally leaving raw edges for texture! 


Kirsten backed the bird with FUSIBLE WOVEN interfacing, for body, then cut it out and stitched, leaving about 1/4" around the bird. 

The same PERFECT FUSE SHEER INTERFACING we sell for T-SHIRT QUILTS, click here, is light weight enough and perfect for facing the neck edge on this woven t-shirt too. 

Did I mention, it pulls over your head. No buttons or zippers. Yay! 

When you DO need a zipper, see us! 

We've got loads of ZIPPERS in lots of colors here in the store and available to special order too! 

Click here to check out the heavier ZIPPER TAPE with multiple pulls. So versatile! Need a 14" or 22"? 

We've got all the ATKINSON DESIGNS soft coil zippers in the store. Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll pull something that will suit your project. 316-284-2547 

We know there are a lot of fun travelers out there, seeing the country and a lot of great quilt shops! Thanks for stopping by Newton! 

These aprons made from exclusive AKSNEQSH fabrics will make great souvenirs. 

Have you ever made an apron? 

Our number one best selling pattern is for an apron. So, I suspect that one or two of you out there have made this apron! 

If you haven't, check out the pattern today. 
CRISSCROSS makes great gifts! 

There is another, possibly cooler version with narrower straps. VOILA!

And a child's size version as well, LITTLE SISTER & BROTHER APRONS

Click here to take you to the pattern & video. The latest Sew It Yourself (SIY) video just launched. 

This is for an apron. It includes a pdf pattern download as well as a video tutorial. All FREE! 

Have questions about this project? Bring them in to us and we'll be happy to help. We love to "teach from the cutting table"! 

We have lots of cotton prints, of course, but also different fabrics to choose from when you are thinking aprons, tops or skirts for this summer. 

 See our cotton/linen blends, our heavier cottons, and also fine, soft cotton lawn and drapey rayons too. 

And they are ON SALE NOW! 

Click here, FASHION FABRIC, to see our great online selection. 


Maybe you need a marking tool to transfer the darts from the pattern to the fabric. 

Facebook Live, BARGAINS every Friday at 1 pm Central Time Remember to tune in to FACEBOOK LIVE at 1 pm today. 

Kirsten & I will have another round of BARGAIN FABRICS. What? I don't know yet. But there will be BARGAINS! I promise. :) 

Speaking of FACEBOOK. Have you ever done a SEW ALONG with Kirsten? 

She's taking a survey. You can see the video by clicking here. She's considering this pattern. Check it out and then let her know! Summer Evenings Sew Along!

Have a great weekend, Charlotte

 PS - Loving new NATURAL AFFINITY group from Shell Rummel. Check out the panel below and then the entire group online.

But I'm taking shirt #3 to Florida to see Dad, so be sure to catch it in the store while you can! ;)

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