Friday April 1, 2022
Hi Charlotte,

Here in Newton, March was very split-personality! No foolin'!

Yesterday morning I reported that March was going out like a lion (yellow eyes and all in my backyard!) with 3 inches of snow on the ground, all soft, wet & fluffy.

March Lion Like

Did March come in like a lamb? I don't remember!
By 7 pm last night we were taking a pleasant stroll around the neighborhood under a blue sky and not a speck of snow on the ground.

I expect April to be quite nice. ;) The grass is even turning green with all this moisture!

Easter Parade Trio

Check out this darling trio from EASTER PARADE. Click here.

Close behind SPRING will be SUMMER. Yes!

Canoe Lake sampler quilt

Canoe Lake single block

Are you a camper? Check out CANOE LAKE. Kirsten just finished the COTTAGE SAMPLER quilt, featuring a canoe/lake/tree BATIK in every other block. Turned out really nice! Shows up better in person, really!

She added the TREE BORDER to the lap size, and you can too. Click here for details.

DOWN BY THE LAKE arrived this week as well.

Susan Winget has done it again! Even if you don't have a VINTAGE RED TRUCK to drive up by the lake, this panel is sure to delight you! (I grew up in Wisconsin, where you go "up North", to go "up by the lake"!)

Down By Lake panel quilt

Check out the DOWN BY THE LAKE from Wilmington Prints. Click here.

Maybe your WATER FANTASY involves more of the OCEAN?!

This newest SUN AND SEA, PANEL & COORDINATES from QT FABRIC, are awesome!

Sun And Sea panel quilt

Rita quilted it, and I'm just finishing up the binding. Again, I've had to wrestle more than one cat who seems to want to be involved in this process.

Maybe it is the super soft QUILTER'S DREAM COTTON BATTING inside? Be sure to check out our entire offering of BATTING when you are at the store.

New kit from KIM DIEHL fabrics, includes KIM'S EXCLUSIVE PATTERN.

CLOSE QUARTERS features all of the fabrics from RIGHT AS RAIN, and finishes a sweet 27 inches square. ;) Click here for more details.

Close Quarters, Simple Whatnots 11

We also have more of RIVERSIDE KNOLL, the beautiful large quilt featuring all the RIGHT AS RAIN fabrics. Love it! Click here for more info.

Riverside Quilt by Kim Diehl


Facebook Live emoji

That's right! It's FRIDAY & we're on FACEBOOK LIVE at 1 pm.

Kirsten & I will have something to share with you, you'll just have to tune in to find out what the bargains will be today! CLICK HERE, and be sure to be signed in so you can comment. We'll explain the rest online. It is easy! ;)

Well, I've made it all the way to the end without any inspiration for an April Fools joke or anything. Sorry if I've disappointed.

I'm just so happy to see it raining again. APRIL FOOLS! lol OK, I almost made it. I know that was dumb. It is a sunny & beautiful morning!

The perfect day to come see us for more serious & silly fun at Charlotte's Sew Natural and check out the FUNNY FARM while you're here too.

Funny Farm panel

Have a great weekend,

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