May 27, 2021

Hi all!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you!  Hope it means some relaxation for you and maybe even time for a quick trip to Charlotte's and then some sewing time!  3-Day weekends are always my favorite for just staying home. ;)

But wait, SQUIRREL!  

That's right, I just yelled "$2.97 a yard"!

We have marked down more than 100 bolts of fabric for CLOSEOUT!!
3 days only, in store only.
$2.97 a yard!

Holiday hours: Thursday & Friday 10 am to 5 pm.  Saturday 10 am to 4 pm.  Closed Monday. (and Sunday, as usual).

Hope to see you soon. ;)

I assume you are aware of the continuing issue of availability and delivery and how it most certainly is affecting our industry.  

I mention it here, only as a back-drop of the double-excitement we're experiencing with the arrival of TULA PINK'S newest line, CURIOUSER & CURIOUSER, from Freespirit Fabrics.

Tula first introduced it on Instagram on September 29 of last year.  Tula's colors are bright, her designs are loud, and her sense of design is impeccable.  I love how she can articulate the "why" and "how" of her designs.  

If you have never heard of TULA PINK, or maybe you've heard/seen her stuff, but not really attracted to it, or if you are a huge fan and just want to be reminded of the "origination story" of CURIOUSER & CURIOUSER, I suggest you check out this video, and hear it in Tula's own words.  An honest sibling and artist all rolled into one. ;)

Her designs and colors actually play quite well with lots of other designers, as illustrated here with some of the FAVORITE THINGS line from Sassafrass Designs.

If your style is to stay "pure", and only use Tula with Tula, we have LOTS TO CHOOSE FROM!  We have lots of yardage and fat quarters of just Tula Pink!  Plus PRE-CUT 2-1/2" STRIPS on hand now too.

Maybe you need a little push to use a combination of popsicle colors from a variety of designers?  Check out this new book, SAMPLER SPREE, with lots of blocks for experimenting.  Plus there is a new SEW-ALONG organizing.  Details by clicking here.  We have the book IN-STOCK as I write this. ;)

Mary is using Tula for her latest FIG TREE SAMPLER HALLOWEEN FIGS BOM quilt.  You can see here how the introduction of black & white pops the color!

If your taste leans more towards warmer, richer colors, rest assured, that we, who carry "everything", have just received a brand new line from KANSAS TROUBLES QUILTERS.

PRAIRIE DREAMS from KTQ is on the shelves now and should be on the web site soon. This is your link to our KANSAS TROUBLES QUILTERS on-line, so bookmark this now. ;)

We are looking forward to summer now that school is out here in Newton. We'll be welcoming teachers Kathy & Mindy during the week now and not just on weekends.  Hope you have time to stop in and see us soon.

Have a great weekend!

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