December 17, 2021

Hi all!

Join me at 1 PM TODAY for FACEBOOK LIVE!  We're in Kansas, Central time!  CLICK HERE about 1!  This will be the final FB LIVE of 2021!  Next Friday is Christmas Eve and the following is New Year's Eve and we think you all might have more going on than shopping for bargains right then.  So, check on me today, I will be LIVE! ;)

We had a few newbie participants this past week, and that was fun!  If you've never participated in one of our FACEBOOK LIVE sales, just be sure to LOGIN to your Facebook account, so that you are able to COMMENT while we're LIVE.

When you see something we are showing with a number, just comment with the number and how much you want.  If we don't know you, please private message us with your contact info.  

We continue our INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE!  So, prices will be tempting!  LOL

As I write this my list keeps getting shorter, so HERE IS MY LIST OF TOP 3 or 4 GIFTS, available now, any of which would make a great gift anytime, not just for Christmas!  

  1. SHOPPER'S CLUB membership - gives the biggest bang for the buck!  Remind them that you'll think of them every time you shop at Charlotte's and save 20%! ;)  And we'll extend your membership by 12 months if you are already a member.
  2. GIFT CERTIFICATEs - easy to order online, flexible: can be spent online or in the store in Newton.
  4. MYSTERY GIFT for any Creative! (There are only 2 left at press time!)
Register as a customer on my web site, then be sure to add any or all of these items to your "WISH LIST", and share that link liberally with your friends and family.  LOL  
Tip: When I set mine up, I used my summer birthday as my "event date", but you can use anything.

Still need some stocking stuffers for friends, family, neighbors?

Not on my list, but maybe it should be!  Try this handy-dandy CLAMP.  Super lightweight, suction handle that makes that non-slip ruler an easy GRAB!  Just $6.49 each!  Works on any flat surface, so lots of uses! Easy on, easy off!

Makes a great gift for anyone! Click here.

2022 is going to be a great year, I can just feel it!  Join us for some fun, "culture time".  Yes, let's call it what it is!  It is not just "social", it is "culture"!  

Let us help you learn the "lingo", recognize the tools, and catch the fever.  Quilt-making really is addictive!

Several great meets to choose from:
Events for your calendar:
Stay tuned for my newsletters, and explore the web site for details.

Speaking of CALENDARS, we've got a few 2022 to choose from.  And be sure to pick up my free bookmark when you're IN THE STORE.  Lots of helpful info, and it is FREE!

If you have time, you might enjoy perusing our website.  I like to start at ALL COTTON PRINTS, and then sort by NEWEST.  

If you do that now, you should see HORTON KINDNESS and A LITTLE SEUSS.

See you soon!  Have a good weekend.
Hope you're having a great day.
My staff and I wish you the merriest of Holidays! 

PS - While we wait for snow, enjoy the WINTER GREETINGS!

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