Thursday January 12, 2023
Hi all!

Our 2022 year-end BLAST OUT SALE continues! See it HERE

There are still 100s of bolts of fabric priced at just $5.99/yard!

That is a mystery to me. I have also witnessed huge piles of cardboard bolts being carried to the dumpster.

Come get some of this magically multiplying fabric now at the best price ever! ;)


Has the weather got you down? We woke this morning to snow on the ground, grey skies and wind. My least favorite thing about Kansas.

Looking for some new, fun fabric to warm you up and make you smile? We've got it!

Check out Cori Dantini's HERE KITTY, KITTY. ;)

Cori Dantini's Purr-fect collection for the cat lovers of the world (like me), is here. This sassy and colorful . . .

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