Friday March 11, 2022
Hi all,
This weather brings to mind a "roller coaster", so up and down! Sounds like some snow should melt today and tomorrow will be even nicer, so come on in to Charlotte's and let's get ready for SPRING together!


Check out this new PANEL from Moda. FRESH AS A DAISY from Create Joy Project. Click here. I love a company that has their mission statement in their name!

We ordered FRESH AS A DAISY early last summer, expecting it to deliver in November of 2021.

It finally came yesterday! Late, but so worth the wait.


Click here to see what else we have. They are all beautiful! Love these GRADIENT GARDEN LANDSCAPES!

I know, you want to get out in your gardens! It has to wait, but pickup one or two of these panels in the meantime.


Spring brings new life, and that means BABIES!


Do you need a new baby quilt or maybe two?

Create a charming, 2-sided nursery quilt that uses each of the panels from SILLIER THAN SALLY's Little Darlings Safari. Or back the one with the other, and have double the fun!

Click here for the FREE PATTERN from Stacey Day.


We have LITTLE DARLINGS SAFARI quilt kits now and more PANELS on the way. Click here for KIT INFO.

For all you true FABRIHOLICS, here is something INTERESTING & FRESH from Marcia Derse.

WABI SABI - a unique digital print.


WABI SABI coordinates with her new BATIK line, HERE:THERE.

Click HERE for more.


We have been replenishing our shelves of basics likeGRUNGE, by Moda.
This is such a versatile "blender", yet with enough character to stand on it's own.

Click here to check out our incredible selection of GRUNGE!


Next week is full of holidays!
3-14 is Pi Day and 3-17 is St Patrick's Day.

Maybe that's why it struck me that LIL PINCH ME from Running Doe Quilts, was an Irish Key Lime Pie celebration! ;)

Mary stitched up this shamrock cutie and pulled together a kit too. CLICK HERE for more info.


Did you know, DAISYS were referred to as "day's eye" in Old English because the petals close over the yellow center at night and re-open in the daytime? The phrase "as fresh as a daisy" came from this, meaning that someone was well-rested and ready to go.

We might be a bit premature, but we're ready to go with some SPRING CLEANING in the SALE ROOM!!

At 1 pm Kirsten & I will be on FACEBOOK, LIVE with a stack of bolts that will be $5.99/YD, TAKE THE WHOLE BOLT.

Real Deals with convenience! You need to login to Facebook to be able to comment. We'll contact you for your payment.

Have a bit more time? Stop in the store for even more BARGAINS!

All $7.99 or less, NOW $4.99/YD

You can choose your own from our large selection of previously marked-down fabrics, NOW ONLY $4.99/yard in the SALE ROOM.


This is SECOND SATURDAY, which means I'll be doing a demonstration of the next block in our QUILT BUILDER series.

Popularity has overwhelmed us, so tomorrow TWO SESSIONS AVAILABLE:
9 AM & 11 AM.
If you are registered, I sent you an email earlier in the week. Check that out for more details.

Hope to see you soon!.

Have a great weekend,


Thistle always thinks SHE is being photographed!

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